Lindsey Keesling

Lindsey is a public school teacher with a long history of community service, dedicated to improving the lives and prospects of those around her. Her professional life has equipped her with a depth of experience with those issues most crucial to our communities today: housing, education, mental health, and poverty. Lindsey has worked as a teacher for the past 7 years, including creating and piloting a program to divert students from suspensions by placing them in an after school intervention that taught a cognitive behavioral therapy based curriculum. Lindsey has also worked as an aide for Comprehensive Mental Health, been the site supervisor for an Interfaith homeless shelter, and worked as a youth pastor.

Having worked several jobs to put herself through school as a single mom, Lindsey grew critically aware of how the system actively works against people trying to get ahead. This awareness only grew as Lindsey worked to improve conditions in her classroom for her students, and found a political system that was resistant helping teachers serve their students needs. The reality is that there is only so much that any one individual can do without widespread organizational support, and the “bootstraps” story that we have all heard so much is remarkable only because it is so uncommon. People need bootstraps to pull themselves up by, but resources are increasingly scarce for many communities.